Thursday 16 February 2017

Canvas Travel Prints

I've decided to make some of my panoramic and wildlife photos available as canvas prints. They make a nice addition to any home and include a wide range of subjects and locations across Africa.

If you are interested, then I've put a large link in the sidebar to the right. Take a look if you have the time.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Travel Reports

As I've started to work with the Blogger platform, I've realized that it can be used as a quick way to get some of what I write as I travel online in a way that's more immediate and engaging than waiting for a book.

I'm going to try and put all of my six African Trips online and I've started with the most recent. If you don't want to look through a 200 page book preview, then take a look at the text by following the link below.

I've included a few panoramic photos along the way, but nowhere near the number of pictures that the books contain.

Friday 10 February 2017

Namibia Video - Around Purros Gorge

I'm sort of getting to the end of the video footage I took with the ActionCam during my Namibia/Botswana trip, But I keep looking through it and finding sequences worth the effort of editing.

Take a look at this page if you'd like to know how I did these.

This was one of our shorter drives, a quiet afternoon from Purros down the riverbed and then back out via an alternative route. Not much to report on the wildlife front, the stop in the middle of the video is to look at a few Hartmann's Zebra on the rocks opposite us. The photos I took of them were rubbish, as it was getting dark and they were quite a distance away in the shadows.

Anyway, here's the video on YouTube.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Putting some content into it

I've added a couple of pages of info, about my books and the camera that I used to take my latest holiday videos.

The book page links to the previews on Blurb who can print and send you a copy if you want one. All the travel books are 13x11 and nicely bound.

The camera page goes into a bit of detail about the reasoning behind the choice of camera, mount and memory, as well as my decisions about the recording quality and choice of editing software. Hopefully someone will find the info useful.

Starting Out


People are always asking if I ever put any of my info online and, of course, I have a number of websites to help showcase what I do. What I don't have, however, is a central repository of all this stuff and this is the idea behind setting up this proper blog.

I've got a few things to do to get started, so I'll keep this post short and simple.

Keep checking back to see what's new and hopefully you'll find something useful, entertaining or just plain fun.