Wednesday 12 April 2017

Video Slideshows

I've been working on a couple of slide-show videos, both taken from My Namibia-Botswana trip. The first shows some of the wildlife we saw during the trip and the second is a look at some of the panoramic landscapes that I photographed as we went along.

They've given me some insights into quite a few new things, 

Making slide-shows is quite time consuming and not something I'm going to do that often, maybe only one or two for each trip like these.

I now know how to do a few more things in Adobe Premiere, particularly the stuff that can be done with animation and movement.

I've found a couple of great sources of freely use-able music to give a little background to videos like these and they seem to be making quite nice stuff available.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Bridging The Gap

I've just added a page describing the trials and tribulations of installing a half-mile wifi bridge to enable some networked CCTV cameras. It all turned into a bit of a marathon, but we've got it sorted in the end. The page is here -

Sometimes things don't go according to your original plans and you have to move to Plan B or make up a new plan and start all over again. Does anyone want to buy a couple of as new wifi dish antennas?