Software Solutions

I'm always programming. Whether it's a utility for myself, something to help get a job done, something for Android or something major, I'm more or less always writing software.

This page is going to be the stopping off point for talking a bit more about the software I'm working on. I tend to concentrate on one or two projects at a time, but can switch quickly from the active projects to dormant or new ones.

RFID Reading and Management

Take a look at some of the new and exciting things I'm working on related to RFID smart cards and key tags. They're great for identification, membership management, smart gift vouchers and customer loyalty applications.

See more HERE.


InvoiceBuilder allows for the simple creation of basic quotations or invoices with a nice interface, quite a bit of automation and consistent, clean and professional output options.


Having been asked by a client to see if I could do something about helping them to manage the enquiries and bookings for their events venue, I've started to develop BookingTrack.

Find out more about it and the progress being made on this page. We are currently implementing the Menu Management System and squashing bugs.

GDPR Toolkit

The General Data Protection Regulations are an EU directive for the protection and management of personal data that applies to anyone doing business with EU Member states. Isle of Man and UK legislation will be in effect from May 25th 2018, so businesses of all sizes are rushing to manage their compliance before time runs out.

Because some of my clients have asked me for assistance in this compliance work, I've started to develop a suite of programs to make some of the work easier. Find out more about them on this page.


This is my big project at the moment. It is a comprehensive and powerful offline website creation tool, used to build an online shop. Find out more here.


I started working on bird lists - logging programs for people who watch birds - as a project for mobile. In particular, I have a set of android apps under the BirdLister brand.

Over time, I have developed a desktop version of this program that is much more versatile and powerful than the mobile ones. it is still an occasional work in progress for me, but it is functional and can be downloaded here.