BookingTrack is an integrated solution that allows small to medium sized hospitality venues to manage bookings and keep track of clients and contact details. It incorporates calendar and event management functions, allowing multiple bookings per event, repeated bookings and extensive event requirement management.

BookingTrack currently offers the following features:-
  • Staff Database - names and contact details for staff members
  • Venue Database - information on your different rooms / locations.
  • Client Database
    • Manage client details from first contact to after-event responses.
    • Track all communications and log calls, emails, etc.
  • Event Database - Create unlimited Events.
    • Specify the required venue and number of guests.
    • Record the type of event and it's ongoing status.
    • Keep track of invoices and payments.
    • Build a complete to do list of requirements for the booking.
    • Assign task responsibility to individual staff members.
  • Booking Database - A calendar-based view into your bookings data.
    • See availability at-a-glance in weekly, month or year views. 
    • Create repeat bookings.
    • Link bookings to the Events database.
    • Record date, time and duration of the booking.
    • Link the booking to a contact.
    • Optional on-line copy of the current Booking Calendar for public and private access.
  • Extensive Menu Management.
    • Create an unlimited number of individual dishes.
    • Group these dishes into Courses with up to 5 choices.
    • Group up to 5 courses into a full menu.
    • Manage Special dietary requirements on a per guest basis.
    • Create lists of dishes for Canap├ęs and Buffets.
    • Manage special drinks requests - Cocktails, Champagne, etc.
  • PDF Reports - produce reports in handy PDF form for printing or email.
    • Accounts reports.
    • Calendar views.
    • Upcoming events lists.
    • Requirement ToDo lists.
  • Automatic Backups, automatic restore from network and timed restores.
  • Local Intranet Connections
    • Client Contact database is now available to remote clients
    • Access from Windows/Mac/Linux PCs or Android devices
    • Multiple users can edit contact information simultaneously
BookingTrack is currently (September 2018) in final client testing. It will be available as a commercial package that will work primarily on Windows PCs, but versions will also be compatible with Mac OS and Linux.

A copy of the Basic User Guide is available as a PDF download from my website.