RFID - Membership and LoyaltyCard

Working with Mifare RFID chips turns out to be really fun. You don't even need to be able to write to the chips for single-location solutions. Simply train the database with the appropriate chip identification numbers as an index and there you go.

So far, I've created a couple of simple technology demonstrators - although one of them is going to be used soon in a production environment - that show what can be done quickly and - perhaps more importantly - cost effectively.

RFID Membership

This program tracks membership details by using an RFID card as a membership card. The program allwos the cards to be initially used as a gift card and then topped-up with credit at any time. Simply scanning the card brings up the membership details and balance for the client, with buttons to allow payments to be recorded. The interface is clean with a low screen footprint and minimal system requirements.

RFID LoyaltyCard

Superficially very similar to RFID Membership, RFID LoyaltyCard allows a business to apply points to a client's account every time the card is scanned. There are facilities to award a single point, double points or manually change the number of points associated with the card. There is even an automatic reminder when a pre-set number of points is achieved.

Both programs offer the ability to print a report/statement for the client and also a complete breakdown for auditing.

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