Tuesday, 28 August 2018

BookingTrack Progress and InvoiceBuilder

Well, development is slowing down a bit - mostly because the primary requirements are mostly written and tested - but that's another 2200 lines of code during the long weekend.

The system now has support for the creation and management of menus for functions - something the client requested at our last progress meeting. Loads of bugs have been squashed and I'm currently adding lots of range checks and input limits to help trap more possible bugs. Find out more by following the link HERE.

On a related front, I'm also working on InvoiceBuilder. This fairly simple program makes it possible to create an invoice or quotation from a database of products or services. It will record the details and create a nice, well-laid-out printable document on demand.

It's totally configurable and "Just Works", ideal for any small business that still prepares their accounts manually or on a spreadsheet and want something more professional and consistent in look and feel. it even allows you to create an Invoice Wizard that guides you step by step through creating a standard invoice or quotation.

The main invoice screen even looks similar to the final invoice to make it easy to follow and easy to use.