Monday 31 July 2017

A Quick Walk Up Lhergy Frissel

As always, we finish at four on a Saturday. I used the hour before picking Dad up from the Pub to try and get some exercise.

Leaving the shop at a couple of minutes to four, I was at the Albert Tower in 28 minutes, having walked along the promenade and over the crossing at Ballure Bridge before climbing Lhergy Frissel. at the top I just spent a few minutes taking in the view and snapping a couple of photos. It was quite breezy, but very pleasant. One day I'll have to take the Quadcopter up there and get a different perspective.

I've photoshopped the masts/lighting posts out on this one - I know we need the coverage for mobile and TV, but they are really intrusive. Trying to disguise them as lighting posts doesn't really work either. At least the other masts along the ridge line were made to look a little tree-like. I don't know why the planners dropped the requirement for the ones at the tower.