Tuesday 29 August 2017

A New Addiction - Mostly Harmless

These Quadcopter things are quite addictive. I've bought another one - a much better one that before.

It's a Xaiomi Mi Drone 4K and like the previous one it has come all the way from China. It must have come on a plane as it wouldn't have made it as quick if it was flying on its own! As it's name suggests, it does 4K recording - although I probably won't use it in 4K as I prefer a slightly lower resolution to get a higher frame rate. The camera on this one is 3-axis stabilized. This means that it tries to keep pointing in the right direction, whatever the drone does to speed up and slow down.

With the MGP being on, I don't have much chance to test it at the moment, but here's a short video that I made last week to get a feel for it. I'm hoping it can do more cinematic and above all stabilized shots that are much more comfortable to watch as well as being higher quality.