Saturday 28 May 2022

First Release of Facebook Advert Builder

Ready To Try Out

I've managed to pull enough of the software stack together to release the first version of my Facebook (or other Social Media) Advert Builder. It's available to download from my business website at and is free for anyone to download and use.

It has been designed to be as simple as possible, with drag-and-drop for any images (with buttons if you prefer) and sliders to position anything on the screen. Basically, you create a series of styles for your layouts that are consistent with your business style. These styles have a couple of foreground objects that will overlay your product or promo image. You can create different style shapes for square, portrait and landscape orientations.

Once you have some styles defined (and you may need a bit of help with the creation of suitable PNG files for this), you can then start to create new adverts. Add your product image and then type any text that you need. You can also add an unlimited number of splash objects - little graphical highlights like the star below. These can be positioned and sized to fit with your photo and layout.

I've added range of basic photo effects for you to try - just a bit of blurring, greyscale conversion and pixelization. You can also specify an overlay colour and play with the transparency to create sepia-tone and similar effects. Mix and match to see what you can come up with.

Finally, there are potions for creating a final output. You can make a PDF, JPG or PNG file and then upload to Facebook our any other platform that you might use.

This is the main screen while editing an image-based advert

This is adding and positioning a splash image to the main advert layout

This is the Style editor, where the basic style layouts are created.

Unfortunately, the manual for the program isn't finished yet - the link will open an empty PDF file. I'm starting to work on it, but don't want to go too far until I have finalized any layout changes I may want to make and fixed a few more minor bugs.

Stay Tuned!